Many SMB owners share similar challenges. It can be a struggle to prioritize the customer experience, compete with larger businesses, and grow – all while juggling multiple responsibilities and somehow surviving in an ever-changing landscape. 

Some of the biggest small business challenges involve technology. For SMB owners, embracing technology isn’t always easy when grappling with financial concerns. Luckily, there’s a solution that helps create savings and allows for investment in necessary technologies: a telecom audit.

What Do Small Business Owners Really Need Help With?

If you’re an SMB owner, you’re likely wearing multiple hats – trying to sell and drum up new business, overseeing the customer experience, and making critical decisions about business technology. Where many small businesses get stuck is the area of technology – largely due to lack of expertise – even if you have an internal IT department. And it’s even worse if you don’t.

Challenges most often revolve around: 

  • Not knowing whether you’re overspending on technology – and the consequences of doing so
  • A lack of understanding of the true cost of outdated technology
  • Not knowing how to leverage technology to adapt to a changed business environment
  • Struggling to leverage technology to improve employee productivity and the customer experience

Developing an understanding of the technologies SMBs need in the current landscape – and how to ensure you have the budget to invest in them – is the key to solving these challenges. 

Leverage a Telecom Audit to Embrace Technology

Your journey toward overcoming the biggest small business challenges and embracing key business technologies begins with a telecom audit. This comprehensive process will help you uncover areas where you’ve been overspending on technology and create significant opportunities to save. And once you’ve realized savings, you can repurpose that money to invest in technologies that ensure your business stays competitive in the current landscape.

Here’s how an audit with PAG can help you achieve your SMB’s goals:

  • A comprehensive inventory of your current technology will help identify where you’re overspending on technology – or paying for solutions and services you don’t use.
  • We’ll comb through invoices to find and resolve billing errors that lead to long-term savings and, in many cases, credits from your providers.
  • You get to leverage savings to refresh or upgrade key equipment, implement new solutions, and ultimately improve the customer experience. 
  • You can also upgrade to newer, better, faster technology while decreasing the number of vendors and invoices your team has to deal with each month.

A Proven Track Record of Savings

PAG’s clients have saved over $700 million through our audits and ongoing IT support. We have experience working with small businesses to eliminate billing errors and overspending so you can repurpose your savings to grow – no matter how the business landscape changes. Read more about our audit process to discover how we can help your business start saving now. To discover how PAG can support your SMB, get in touch with us today