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Start with a Risk-Free Audit

TechSource begins partnerships by conducting a comprehensive, straightforward inventory of your entire technology suite, including budget, systems, vendors, and contracts. Our process is non-invasive – you simply hand us the information we need, and we take care of the rest.
We make unbiased, objective recommendations for your existing and future technology needs to ensure you receive “best in class” pricing from your current vendors. You can choose to implement all, some, or none – it’s entirely up to you.

Our experts work off-site with minimal impact on your staff time and current work streams.
The average project time is 8-10 week process from start to finish.


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Benefit from Industry Specialists Dedicated to Your Goals

Expertise & Insights for the Right Solutions.

Exceeding client expectations is the priority of every TechSource audit specialist. Our clients benefit from a dedicated team comprised of seasoned experts who are certified as Telecom Solutions Professionals and experienced in various areas, including wireless optimization, finance, customer service, IT auditing, data analysis, cloud computing, and more.

Unlike sales representatives who are paid more as the client’s spending increases, TechSource is driven to obtain the best possible price and solution. This means TechSource works collaboratively with our clients to find the best value and right service for their needs. TechSource measures our work by each client’s willingness to be a referral partner and rehire us for additional projects.

No-Risk Review

Discover your potential savings.

A no-risk audit is one of the easiest methods to find cost savings and improvement. Overbilling, duplicate charges, and just plain, old-fashioned mistakes can happen to even the most diligent businesses. TechSource finds mistakes and turns them into credits and savings for you.

Typically, clients use these savings and credits to invest in the continued growth of their organizations. With a TechSource audit, you are never out-of-pocket. You only share in the savings once they are realized.


Hear From
Our Clients

TechSource has provided savings for more than 750 businesses across various industries, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Hear from their experiences and learn how TechSource helped them save money and gain efficiencies.

We hired TechSource* to come in and perform a telecommunications audit for us as we were preparing to change vendors after a colleague had referred them based on their work for his company. They uncovered a billing discrepancy centered around an obscure clause in our contract. They were able to work with our vendor to correct the error and we received a $78,000 refund from our carrier.

Prince Parker

I’m the CEO of a fairly large telecommunications company, and I laughed when TechSource* promised they could save me money. My staff is composed of Telecom experts who thought we knew all about the competitive rate wars. We make sure to take advantage of the offers, so when TechSource delivered a 44% rate reduction, I was shocked! When I learned that the savings came from our current provider I was stunned.


We have been working with their team for over 10 years and they continue to add value to our IT team. We used them to help with two separate network technology migrations and our transfer to VOIP. TechSource Partners (formerly PAG) helped ensure a smooth process and that the billing was correct.

Large National Retailer
IT Manager

We never could have pulled this off internally. They did an incredible job for us, so much so that we retained them for their ongoing services.

The fact that their fees are funded by the savings they create makes this a total no-brainer.

Large Global Insurance Claims Processor
Global CIO