Supplying your organization with the latest and greatest technology may feel like trying to keep up with the Joneses. Everyone else seems to have an IT infrastructure that blows yours out of the water – but how could you possibly afford what they have? You’re not alone – many business owners believe they can’t make room in the budget for better technology solutions. Luckily, finding the money to upgrade your infrastructure isn’t as unattainable as it may seem with a telecom audit.

How Does a Telecom Audit Help You Save Money?

Nearly 80% of all telecom invoices contain errors, so uncovering savings with an audit is practically inevitable. A comprehensive technology audit will convert these errors into credits and reduce your costs moving forward, enabling you to put the money you’ll be saving toward your infrastructure instead. Here’s where your telecom auditor will look for savings opportunities:

Hidden Fees

Hidden fees often appear as “third party billing” when your service provider acts as a billing agent, adding additional services to your invoice that your company likely isn’t using. A technology audit can uncover these often-overlooked fees and have them removed for good.

Unused Features

Services and features tacked on to a contract at the beginning of your vendor relationship may have been forgotten. Eliminating these services with a telecom audit ensures you’re only paying for what your business uses, saving you a lot of money throughout the remainder of your contract.

Billing Errors

Even the most diligent accounting departments can miss duplicate charges, overbilling, and discrepancies in your business’s invoices. Telecom bills tend to be complex, especially if multiple vendors service your business. An expert from PAG will comb through your invoices to find and correct these overlooked errors. 

Use Your Audit Savings to Grow Your Business

While you may not have had the money to invest in your business’s IT infrastructure before, a telecom audit will free up the funds you need to stay competitive in the changing technology landscape.

Use the money you’ve saved to:

  • Upgrade or refresh your telecom equipment
  • Invest in faster, more secure technology solutions
  • Increase your network bandwidth for higher availability

Although uncovering savings is a huge benefit, it isn’t the only way an audit can help you grow your business. Some non-financial benefits of telecom audits are:

  • Bill Consolidation – Eliminate the need to track and monitor your organization’s technology expenses, resulting in less work for your Accounts Payable and IT departments.
  • Invoicing Cleanup – Free up your staff from having to track line items and bills so they can focus on critical tasks.
  • Business Advocacy – The right telecom audit partner will negotiate your contracts with carriers on your behalf, saving you time and stress.

Reach Your Technology Goals Faster With PAG

With a telecom audit, investing in better technology solutions for your business isn’t an unattainable goal. If you’re tired of feeling like your infrastructure doesn’t measure up to your competitors’ advanced IT solutions, PAG is here to help.

We’ve saved businesses over $900 million with our telecom audits and ongoing IT support. Our auditing process is streamlined and unobtrusive, so you can keep running your business without disruptions as we uncover your savings opportunities. Contact us today to get started!