On a basic level, a telecom audit should include a review of your bills to identify errors and make corrections.
With a technology audit from PAG, you can expect to receive:

  • An expert review of every line item on your invoices
  • A thorough comparison of charges to your contract and billing tariffs
  • Identification of any billing mistakes, unused services, and credits or refunds due from your carrier
  • An enterprise-wide inventory of your lines, circuits, devices, and features
  • Services properly assigned to the correct cost centers
  • An understanding of all existing contracts, commitments, and terms
  • A formal contract strategy
  • New contracts with better terms and conditions to level the playing field
  • A thorough review of procurement policies for telecom-related orders
  • Suggestions for procurement policy revisions to eliminate potential breakpoints
  • A blueprint for future vendor accountability reviews
  • Price points, accurate billing, and more to ensure any corrections put in place stay correct moving forward