Is PSTN going away? The answer is that PSTN isn’t going to stop suddenly, but the PSTN phase out is a reality. In fact, as long ago as 2010, the FCC established a time frame to allow AT&T to phase out its PSTN.1

Then, in 2014, the FCC agreed to deactivate the copper lines that run PSTNs due to a nationwide evolution of IP communications networks. Now there is a global goal for completely eliminating PSTN by the year 2030.2

The signs are clear that PSTN has become an outdated technology. If you are still counting on PSTN as a critical part of your communications, you should start planning to migrate to the cloud instead. Why? Because outdated technology brings many risks, including increased costs, system downtime, reduced productivity, and higher cyber security risks. Ultimately, continuing to use outdated technology will result in losing your competitive edge.

Technology is always evolving, and you’ll see signs that your technology needs to be updated. You’ll notice that systems are slow to respond. You’ll get more indications of cyber attack attempts because they take note of vulnerabilities and work to take advantage of them. Especially today, when communications are critical to running your business, you need to ensure that your technology is up to date.

How to Smooth the Way for Cloud Communications Migration

There are some common misconceptions about cloud communications. However, cloud communications migration doesn’t need to be a problem when done correctly. Here are a few common questions about cloud communications.

Does Cloud Communications Migration Cause Downtime?

If you don’t have experts in cloud migration on your IT team, you may experience downtime due to the PSTN phase out and the subsequent cloud migration. However, when you work with a trusted advisor like PAG, we’ll work with you every step of the way to mitigate downtime. This is especially critical if you’re in an industry like healthcare or financial services.

Will I Lose Ground in Cyber Security and Regulatory Compliance?

Today’s leading cloud communications solutions have strong cyber security in place. Those solutions are also compliant with all major compliance policies. In addition, the providers have SLAs written to ensure these two issues are addressed effectively.

Aren’t Cloud Communications Expensive?

Any type of communications can put a strain on your budget, as many companies are burdened with contracts and costly service agreements that have been around for decades. It’s always a good idea to alleviate budget strain by getting a third-party telecom audit to find the right technology at the right price. Audits will find cost-saving opportunities such as hidden fees, unused features, and billing errors. Then, you can eliminate those issues when you configure your cloud communications.

Fund Your Cloud Migration With Audit Savings

You can use the savings discovered in an audit from PAG to offset the cost of responding to the PSTN phase out. When you migrate your communications to the cloud, you’ll see an increase in the available features. In most cases, you’ll see a reduction in costs due to the increased flexibility and scalability of cloud systems.

Would you like to know how much you can save? Take advantage of a risk-free telecom audit by PAG. Contact us today to find out how easily you can migrate to the latest cloud telecom technology.


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