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An exciting new division of Profit Advisory Group, TechSource Partners is a nationally respected technology consultant that delivers sustainable results and significant savings to our clients. Our award-winning team collaborates with esteemed companies across various industries, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small-to-midsize businesses.

As part of Profit Advisory Group for over 20 years, TechSource Partners’ high-quality consulting has provided value to organizations through technological savings and efficiencies. We achieve better solutions for our clients by listening, working collaboratively, and leveraging our expertise to help achieve our clients’ goals.


Save Money

Businesses have saved a combined $1 Billion through TechSource Partner’s risk-free technology audits. On average, individual businesses realize savings of 20%.

Discover your savings with TechSource Partners.

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Industries We Serve

Our client list covers a broad section of industries, including Healthcare, Retail, Finance, Distribution, Education, and more, covering small-to-midsize companies to Fortune 500. Our clients may work in different fields and operating structures, but they have one thing in common: each has found significant savings through partnership with TechSource.

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From finding the appropriate cloud-based solutions to finding the right IT tools to streamline key processes, TechSource will work on your behalf to find efficiencies across your IT services.

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TechSource works to find appropriate solutions that keep your data secure, enable IT solutions that support remote work, and achieve efficiencies by eliminating waste.

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Your technology investments impact more than your bottom line — they affect the patients that rely on you. TechSource’s zero-cost, risk-free process works for healthcare organizations of all sizes. We support your internal team’s technology decision-making with our expertise and knowledge.

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TechSource helps manufacturing clients save by eliminating outdated legacy systems and updating new services that increase efficiencies. Our expertise helps you secure optimal pricing from your current vendor or find another vendor with more favorable terms and conditions.

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Achieve peace of mind that your network and information stay secure system-wide. Save time and money with the right IT solution for your needs.

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Gain efficiencies to ensure your connectivity will never go down and find the right automated solutions that optimize your customer’s shopping experience. TechSource Partners listens to your needs to find the right solution for your business.

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TechSource provides expert consulting for growth-minded companies as you decide how and when to scale your business. Start with a risk-free audit to help save money and adapt to whatever the business landscape brings.

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Develop your IT Roadmap

We help you determine the right plan for future investments.

TechSource understands the immense responsibility of managing your IT budget with services that go beyond a single product or service implementation. We start with a thoughtful approach and connect to understand your specific needs and desired goals. After determining that we are a good fit for a partnership, we explore your current technology. Our risk-free audit assesses your current technology investments and suggests how you can repurpose valuable budget dollars. Following the results of your audit, TechSource will advise whether or not you can reach long-term goals with your current technology.

Then, we leverage our expertise and industry knowledge to execute your ideal solution and maintain the relationship with ongoing guidance, service, and management.

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Start by determining
if we are a good fit
for partnership.

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We evaluate your current technology (Point A) and determine your long-term goals (Point B).

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We perform an inventory and audit and then present you with savings.

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We suggest a plan to get you from Point A to Point B.

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We put the plan into action.

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We provide ongoing support and project management.

Trusted Partners

TechSource’s service suite includes nearly 300 trusted technology partners who can provide better solutions for your needs.

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Our Clients

TechSource has provided savings for more than 750 businesses across various industries, from small startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Hear from their experiences and learn how TechSource helped them save money and gain efficiencies.

We hired TechSource* to come in and perform a telecommunications audit for us as we were preparing to change vendors after a colleague had referred them based on their work for his company. They uncovered a billing discrepancy centered around an obscure clause in our contract. They were able to work with our vendor to correct the error and we received a $78,000 refund from our carrier.

Prince Parker

I’m the CEO of a fairly large telecommunications company, and I laughed when TechSource* promised they could save me money. My staff is composed of Telecom experts who thought we knew all about the competitive rate wars. We make sure to take advantage of the offers, so when TechSource delivered a 44% rate reduction, I was shocked! When I learned that the savings came from our current provider I was stunned.


We have been working with their team for over 10 years and they continue to add value to our IT team. We used them to help with two separate network technology migrations and our transfer to VOIP. TechSource Partners (formerly PAG) helped ensure a smooth process and that the billing was correct.

Large National Retailer
IT Manager

We never could have pulled this off internally. They did an incredible job for us, so much so that we retained them for their ongoing services.

The fact that their fees are funded by the savings they create makes this a total no-brainer.

Large Global Insurance Claims Processor
Global CIO